Security in the News – Week of February 17

Information Security


Data Exposed Delta, Facebook, Others Latest to Fall into Mobile App Trap

February 18, eHarmony also among those saying we didn’t know our mobile apps did that.


Fox News
Iranian Hacking of Navy Computers Reportedly More Extensive Than First Thought

February 18

Hack of Navy’s largest unclassified computer network took four months to resolve, raising concern about security gaps exposed.


HelpNet Security

US Businesses Suffered 666K Internal Security Breaches

February 19

666K internal security breaches took place in US businesses in 12 months, average of 2560 per day, research revealed.


Epidemic of Cyber Attacks Compromising Healthcare Organizations

February 19

Networks, internet-connected devices of orgs in virtually every healthcare category continue to be compromised.


Cost of Target Data Breach Exceeds $200 Million

February 19

Financial institutions continue to respond to massive data breach at Target; costs associated with the breach exceed $200 million.


Lessons Learned From Blocking 100M Cyber Attacks

February 19

Report contains a quarter-by-quarter guide to the biggest cybercrime trends and incidents in 2013.


800M Exposed Records Make 2013 Record Year for Data Breaches

February 19

Data breaches show risk is much smaller than the one related to attacks coming from the outside.


96 Percent of Apps Have Security Vulnerabilities

February 20

Improvements in patch deployment, secure coding practices made impact on incidence of vulnerabilities.


First-Rate Phishing Email Claims Your Paypal Transaction Was Declined

February 20

Well-made fake notification claims transaction declined tricking users sharing personal, financial information.


Info Security

Syrian Electronic Army Hacked Forbes and Dumped One Million Credentials

February 17

Forbes’ email addresses exposed, passwords stolen.


Network World

Tips to Combat Advanced Persistent Threats

February 18

Time, training and collaboration to thwart APTs needed as these best practices can keep defenses high.


Zeus Malware-Botnet Variant Spotted Crawling

February 19

Security vendor warns it’s seeing the Zeus banking malware turned to use to attack in new ways.


Why Companies Need to Check Handling of Internal Threats

February 20

Security pros should re-evaluate use of technology, policies to bolster defenses against threats that orgs often downplay.


Security Affairs

Detected New Zeus Variant Makes Use of Steganography

February 18

New Zeus banking trojan variant makes use of steganography to hide configuration file.


The Register

New Password System Lets Planet Earth Do Hard Work

February 17

Think of a place, any place.


We Live Security

QR Codes Pose Hidden Danger to Smartphone Users

February 19

So many are willing to scan this untrusted QR code.


Security and Crisis Management

Al Arabiya

Car Bombs Target Iraqi Capital as Violence Continues

February 18

Ten car bombs in central Iraq killed 19 after another series of blasts earlier.


Channel News Asia

Thai PM Faces Charges as Clashes Leave Four Dead

February 18

Thailand’s embattled premier charged with neglect of duty, clashes between police, opposition protesters in Bangkok.



Two Killed in Guinea Protests over Power Cuts

February 18

Two killed, 30 injured in Guinea’s capital Conakry when protests against frequent power cuts turned violent.


UN Chief Wants 3K More Troops for Central African Republic

February 20

3K tr

oops, police to Central African Republic to combat worsening sectarian violence until peacekeeping established.


UPI Top News

European Union Agrees to Sanctions Against Ukraine

February 20

EU said it would impose sanctions on Ukraine where anti-government protests turned deadly with security forces.

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