Security in the News – Week of February 10

Information Security


Another Step Toward Eliminating Data Loss

February 10

Combining existing network data loss prevention (DLP) with endpoint DLP will reveal more hidden network recesses.


Attackers Use NTP Reflection in Huge DDoS Attack

February 12

Attack peaked at over 400Gbps, according to CloudFlare, the company whose infrastructure was targeted.


HelpNet Security

Three US Medical Device Makers Breached

February 10

Networks of three medical device makers breached by unknown attackers after companies’ IP.


Account Details of 27K Barclays Customers Stolen, Sold to Brokers

February 10

UK Barclays hit with stolen personal, financial information of 27K customers; sold to city traders.


Governments Unprepared for Impact of Big Five IT Trends

February 10

MeriTalk study examines how implementation of data center consolidation, mobility, security, big data, and cloud computing, will affect state and local government IT.


Sophisticated Cyber-Espionage Tool Uncovered

February 11

Kaspersky Lab discovered a Spanish-language speaking threat actor involved in global cyber-espionage operations since 2007.


Parents Fear Kids are Exposed to Online Threats

February 12

27% parents believe children are exposed to online risks, such as accessing inappropriate content or cyber bullying.


Exposing Profitability of Private Data

February 12

Security breaches, cyber criminals, organized attacks made it nearly impossible to keep personal, financial data private.


As Crimeware Evolves, Phishing Attacks Increase

February 12

Number of phishing campaigns increased by 20% percent in 3Q 2013, with crimeware attacks evolving and proliferating.


Linksys Home Routers Targeted and Compromised in Active Campaign

February 13

Undetermined vulnerability affecting certain Linksys Wi-Fi routers is active to infect devices with a worm dubbed TheMoon.


New Global Partnership to Fight Cybercrime

February 13

MSFT announced global partnerships to increase cooperation between international law enforcement, private sector in combatting cybercrime, helping build safer Internet.


International Business Times

Japan Faced 12.8 Billion Cyber Attacks in 2013

Febraury 11

Cyber-attacks are believed to have included phishing campaigns, DDoS attacks and hacktivism.


Krebs on Security

Email Attack on Vendor Set Up Breach at Target

February 12

Target breach appears to have begun with malware-laced email phishing attack sent to employees at an HVAC firm that did business with the nationwide retailer.


Secure Works

Top Banking Botnets of 2013

February 10

Although banks have evolved security measures to protect online transactions, attackers quickly adapt these countermeasures, respond with sophisticated banking botnets.


State of Security

Cyber Security Tops Intelligence Community’s 2014 Threat Assessment

February 10

As society becomes dependent on digital technologies, threats to security of govn. functions, industry, commerce, health care, social communication, personal information spikes.


We Live Security

Corkow, Lesser-Known Bitcoin-Curious Cousin of Russian Banking Trojan Family

February 11

Little-known banking Trojan has managed to infect thousands of victims’ computers without knowledge of owners.


Two-Factor Authentication: What Is It, Why Do I Need It

February 11

Two-factor authentication is an extra security measure which often requires a code from an app, or an SMS message, as well as a password.


Half of Children Left Exposed to Online Threats as Parents Fail to Use Built-in Controls

February 11

Only half of patents use parental controls on internet-enabled devices bought for children – leaving millions of youngsters potentially exposed to online threats.


Personal Email and Cloud Storage Pose Biggest Threat to Corporate Data

February 12

Employees who use personal email, removable storage devices, cloud storage to move work files pose one of today’s biggest threats to corporate data.


White House Unveils Cyber Security Guidelines to Protect Critical Businesses From Attack

February 13

US government released standards built to help companies in industries critical to the nation defend against cyber-attacks.


Security and Crisis Management

Al Arabiya

Libya Under Control After Coup Claim

February 14

PM described control in Tripoli after ex-army official announced suspension of government, parliament in foiled coup.



Syrian Troops Bombard Rebel Stronghold of Yabroud

February 13

Syrian government forces resumed bombardment of Yabroud, last rebel stronghold in the Qalamoun mountains.


Channel News Asia

Thai Riot Police Retake Go

vernment House

February 14

Thousands of riot police deployed in Thai capital to clear areas occupied for weeks by protesters to force PM from office.


News 24

Shabaab Claims Heinous Terror Attack

February 14

Car bomb exploded by convoy of UN vehicles near Mogadishu’s airport, killing six. Al-Qaeda-linked militants claimed responsibility.

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