In Memoriam

Just recently, my Grandfather passed away.  He lived a long, healthy and complete life from today’s standards and died at the age of 96.  I was privileged with giving the eulogy at his funeral.  I wanted to share a version of the eulogy with you in the hope it will inspire you in some way, and pay forward the inspiration I had to write this post.

My Grandfather’s funeral was a celebration of life for all of us that knew him, and recognition of how to continue his legacy for generations to come.

My grandfather was born in 1920. He was one of 5 brothers and sisters.  He was married to his wife for almost 70 years. Together, they had 3 children, 6 grandchildren, and 9 great grandchildren.

He was 96 years old when he passed.  For my brothers and sister, my Grandfather was our last grandparent, so this marks the end of a generation of us.

He came over to the US when he was 13 – in 1933.  It’s hard to relate to those dates any longer. But the stories our grandparents tell help us understand just how fortunate we are in many ways.  Here are a couple of simple stories to help us relate –

I remember grandpa telling us the story of when he first came to the states, he fell off the back of a pick-up truck and hit the back of his head.  He said he had a headache for over a year afterwards.  In today’s language, I can only assume he had a concussion that wasn’t dealt with properly!

I also remember a story he told us about a new pair of shoes he received when he was a kid in Italy.  He had gotten the shoes wet, and placed the shoes by the fireplace to dry them out.  The next morning he woke up to find he had placed the shoes too close to the fire and the shoes were burnt up.  He knew better than to ask for a new pair.  So he wore his old shoes until they could afford to buy a new pair.

My Grandfather came from very simple means, but through determination and sacrifice was able to create a significant legacy for his family.

He started an Italian restaurant in the 1950’s with his brother.  He helped my Dad in starting his own restaurant.  His generosity helped many friends and family along the way.

He loved golf – He would take us to Christmas dinners at the country club he belonged to, and he’d always ask if we were going to get the lamb dish…. You have to try the mint jelly with the lamb – oohhh – delicious!

He loved gardening – He had some of the best fig plants I could remember.  When his garden was in full swing, the plants grew so tall, he would disappear inside his garden! (Short little Italian guy J )

He loved Bocce – I remember his nephews always trying to get my Grandfather to play “Morra” (Italian Numbers game).

He loved Tigers Baseball – He knew how much I loved baseball, and I was lucky enough to go with him, my uncle and my Dad to game 3 of the World Series at Tiger Stadium in 1984.  There we saw Allen Trammel hit back to back home runs.  It was an incredible moment in history.  Seeing my Grandfather react to that game was truly priceless.

He had a shrewd eye for business and investments.  He was a good judge of character when partnering with people.  He always gave honest feedback – bluntly at times, but he always, always meant well.

Whenever we would spend time together, we would have frequent discussions around careers and the stock market. He would always tell us – “you’ve got to sacrifice!”

He would tell us, in the early restaurant days he would work so many hours that he would come home and cry and weep.  But, he had a great passion for the restaurant and the customers he served. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to sustain as long as he did.

Grandpa was very proud of the fact that he was able to provide a good life for his children. Beyond that, I’m sure he would love to know that we continued his legacy for generations to come while nurturin

g the relations he started, and being the best people we could be along the way.

One thing that stuck with me all of these years – he would say this with such conviction – if you are a good person, never take advantage and always be respectful of people – and you truly have faith within your heart, life will repay you more than you can imagine.

So, this really is a celebration of a life well lived.  We should all be so fortunate.  For our family, we must build on our Grandparent’s strengths, put away any reservations we have, and put forward an honest effort to become the reflection deserving of their legacy before us.  I thank you for being here and sharing in this memory of my Grandfather.


How much does “trust” contribute to the quality of a team’s performance and the overall success of your company?  Leaders in modern companies have recently summarized a few thoughts:

Factors that contribute to the development of a trusting culture:

  • Leaders who are self-aware and solicit feedback (with the honest intent to improve)
  • Leaders who share information, and teams that have full access to information they need to be successful as individuals AND team members
  • Metrics that ensure individual wins are linked to team wins
  • People who do what they say, with no hidden agenda

Factors that impede the development of a trusting culture:

  • Any form of “silo” behavior
  • Organizational layers which include people who don’t solicit (or want) feedback from those below
  • Unnecessary reviews that add no value, and exist just to “check a box”
  • Long email chains in which senders “reply all” simply to demonstrate some level of involvement (usually superficial), or create some form of “protection” if a question is asked later.  People who are trusted, and trusting, never have to “scroll down” (and are very selective with “reply all”)

There is nothing complete about these lists, but they include good input from people who see and feel trust – or lack of it – every day.  Your personal journey to figure this out, for yourself and your company should continue every day.

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Serving Customers for Long-Term Success

In a commercial landscape marked by volatility and uncertainty, the old rules of strategic advantage are being re-written in front of us. One of the big shifts, reflected as the first point of many company Beliefs, is that customers determine success — higher quality service can be a competitive edge, so long as service is tuned to longer-term objectives.

That is what three professors at Harvard Business School identified in a study of more than 80,000 retail banking customers in more than 600 geographic markets over a five-year period. Through this detailed analysis of quality of service and customer defection, HBS Profs Frances X. Frei, Ryan W. Buell, and Dennis Campbell explain that there is a “positive relationship between the relative level of service quality sustained by a firm in a given market and the profitability of customers it attracts and retains over time”. In other words, there are long-run effects of service positioning: organizations that focus on delivering and sustaining higher quality service, over time, outperform their peers.

Prof Frei adds a few more important caveats to their research on serving customers and sustaining long-term success in this 16-minute video. She summarizes her four main points in the first three minutes, and these are:
(1) In order to be great, you have to be courageous to choose the trade-off (“the well intentioned desire to be great at everything is precisely what leads to exhausted mediocrity” and is also “what will stop us from dominating the industry.”)
(2) It costs money to deliver service excellence — you need to identify means to assure steady revenue to sustain this service
(3) You need to set up your team members for service success (“design jobs for the team members you have, not the team members you wish you have”)
(4) You need to manage and train your customers along the way

Among her examples are Commerce Bank, Southwest Airlines, Walmart. In the end, Prof Frei says you have to be really smart about which elements are critical to your customers and your strategy.



Digital & Social Media Trends

Digital is constantly evolving. Long-term predictions are tied to technology trends, and short-term ones change as new ideas emerge on the best way to reach target audiences… to build better relationships… to find the tipping point for conversion. This post is the result of disseminating hundreds of source pages and hours of video, from agencies and businesses around the globe. It has been distilled down to a core list of digital trends and trends specific to social media, but let’s start with the broad view, move on to some relevant “trends” we saw last year, and then let’s see how the digital industry is predicting we will be over the next year.

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In December 2010, Oxford Economics conducted a study to predict trends through 2015:


In December 2010, Oxford Economics conducted a study to predict the trends through 2015. Oxford predicted that these four digital megatrends are going to reshape business.
1) It should be no surprise to see mobile up there. They spoke of both the growth of mobile usage by the customers/consumers, as well as by the workforce for productivity.

2) Business intelligence encompasses the consolidation of all the data on customers, competitors, and the industry/global landscape. The growth in this area is for real-time data to help understand customers and make strategic decisions.

3) Cloud computing is taking on a critical role allowing for more economical investments in technology. You’ve probably also heard it labeled as Software as a Service (SaaS). IT’s acceptance of using the “cloud” has evolved quite a bit in this time period and the workforce does not notice a difference.

4) Social media should also be no surprise, but in the industrial space they predicted the most value from internal social networks and could only see the deep value of social communication with customers for the consumer market. You’ll see as we go through detailed trends that it is always hard to predict where social will go.

Survey demographics
This global survey of 363 business executives was conducted in December 2010. Of
the respondents, 19% hailed from the US, 20% from the UK, 15% from India, 14% from
Japan, and 8% each from China, Brazil, Mexico and Australia. The survey represented
a broad range of industries, including financial services (26%); manufacturing (19%);
technology, information, communication and entertainment (18%); retailing and consumer
products (15%); and life sciences and healthcare (11%). More than half (52%) of
respondents worked at firms with revenues of more than $1bn; 25% had revenues of
$500m to $1bn; and 23% had revenues under $500m. About 46% held c-level titles; 27%
were senior vice presidents, vice presidents or directors; and 27% were heads of their
business unit or department.


To make this relevant, let’s look at a few trends we saw come true online in 2013.

It’s a tenant of User Experience designers everywhere, but in 2013 we saw a consistent user experience on all channels become mainstream. This includes things like websites, mobile, social, email marketing, in-store or event kiosks. Market leading companies have invested heavily in this, building templates for all types of digital interactions, with activities taking place throughout these companies to bring consistency as digital products are redesigned or new campaigns are launched.

Interactive television continues to evolve, but last year we saw many “two-screen” experiences with microsites for TV shows gaining popularity and the push for social interaction as episodes unfold.

With the popularity of social networks in daily life, businesses capitalized on leveraging social media internally to improve productivity. Technologies like Yammer and Jive led the way.

Facebook continues to have the highest levels of daily user engagement, but Instagram took second place in this stat, passing Twitter in third place.


Digital & Social Media Trends from 2014-2015

Let’s discuss more specific digital trends that are happening now and predicted to grow even more over the next year. These trends have been grouped into five categories: Data & Content, Mobile, Process/Operations, Search, and Social Media.


Data & Content

  • Variety of data-driven insights
  • Brands share the customers’ stories
  • Real-time content marketing

Trends related to data and content.

Data-driven insights are not new, but there is a shift from data volume to data variety. Data is coming from non-traditional sources like suppliers and complementary businesses, in addition to directly from customers. Lowes has recently created a data sharing portal for their suppliers that allows them to glean ongoing insights from a key audience, to not only help in engagement with suppliers, but engagement with customers.

Content has always been a key part of digital and that will never change. The trend is to tell stories that center around the user and not the product. Instead of saying X customer used X product or solution and did, this, that, and the other thing; have the customer be the voice of their own story with X product or solution in the background.

This is also driven from data, but there is a boost in real-time content marketing which references what is actually happening in the real world to create the most relevant content. The best example of this came before it even was a trend in a social ad that Oreo did about dunking the cookie in the dark when the lights went out at the 2013 Superbowl. It was timely, original, and shareable.



Mobile optimization of social channels
TV’s two-screen experiences evolve
Wearable technology goes mainstream

Mobile trends.

Social networks are optimizing for mobile device usage. The newest social niche tools like SnapChat and Pheed, and still relatively new Instagram and Vine, were born for mobile devices. Others like Facebook, have been doing more to adapt to improve the user experience and to make mobile advertising available for business.

TV’s two-screen experiences have evolved to leveraging mobile and other second-screen devices to follow along with synchronized content instead of just a microsite. AMC has done this well with “story sync”. If you haven’t seen this, the sync gives deeper insights into characters and locations in the stories while you are watching. Instead of just showing a twitter hashtag on a show, social campaigns actually influence reality shows, like voting results on NBC’s The Voice where twitter voters decide who to “instantly save” in the live shows. I’ve seen this translate somewhat into the business world with questions being tweeted to a presenter at a conference – a change from the traditional Q&A style.

Wearable technology, termed “Wearables” goes mainstream. This has been in the lifestyle market for some time, with Nike fuel band, FitBit, and Jawbone allowing you to easily monitor aspects of your health and fitness. There’s also been futuristic visioning with Google Glass, but the much anticipated iWatch is coming from Apple soon. With Apple’s history of great user experience, digital enthusiasts are hoping they will crack the code on usefulness of wearables. We don’t yet know where this trend will lead, but it is the ultimate mobile device.



Customer experience optimization with agility
Crowdsourcing expands business resources

Process/Operations-related trends.

Customer experience optimization of digital experiences, with an agile mindset, is a key trend to get closer to customers, using analytics for quick decisions and experimenting with new ideas.

Crowdsourcing becomes a standard practice to expand business resources.



SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with conversations, mobile speed, & visuals
SEM (Search Engine Marketing) with dynamic ads and remarketing

Search trends.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, has often been led by Google’s trends and they have moved to conversational search. Instead of focusing on ranking with keywords, Google’s new algorithm looks for the best answer to the user’s question – whatever question they ask. This switch has changed 90% of rankings and SEO will become even more important in a content marketing strategy. Mobile site speed impacts rankings, with those pages that load in under 1 second getting the best placement. Visuals are also getting better search page real estate in Google which I think is actually a response to Bing’s user experience as it grows in market share. I will mention this in the social trends, but Google+ & YouTube play their parts in SEO as well.

SEM, Search Engine Marketing, is seeing the growth in dynamic ads where the title of the ad changes to be more relevant to the search. There is also a lot more remarketing/retargeting, where return visitors are getting different ads when they return to the search page or to a website that is part of Google’s Display Network which includes 2 million publishers.


Social Media

Google+ is a must
A/V content is critical
Social advertising budgets increase
Twitter is key in PR

Social media trends.

There is no longer a choice for companies to join Google+ , as Google is leveraging social signals to help with relevancy in search results. Facebook and Twitter also give off social signals, but Google+ obviously has clout.

A/V content is critical. Visual content is the biggest trend in social media right now with Instagram and Pinterest usage by businesses growing (and Snapchat growing for personal use, as Snapchat users share visual content with an expiration date). Micro-video has gained speed since last year with Vine leading the genre, and Google + Hangouts and Instagram joining in. (Side note on SEO: In addition to any presence on Google+, YouTube still garners SEO rankings, as it is owned by Google.) Podcasts grow in popularity as it is easier for listeners to multi-task when listening to a podcast.

There are larger budgets for social advertising, especially with advanced targeting available. LinkedIn’s targeting for sponsored updates was released earlier this year and has a wealth of target criteria, even letting you target your audience by preferred language.

Twitter is the “newsroom of the future” and it is important to bring back the tweets that will interest journalists. (This is vastly different than the strategy advised a couple years ago where it was recommended not to push press releases in twitter because it would not engage the masses.) To make twitter a newsroom, you have to think beyond the press release though, and we have to find a balance in twitter to engage the journalists in the brief time they have to write the story, to tell our stories to the various audiences, and to have grass roots/organic engagement from the employees.


How can you apply these digital trends to your projects?

As with any campaign, we need to understand the audience (customer, employee, press) and then create the most relevant content (text, photos, infographics, videos) to engage them at the right time and place.
Are there new sources for this intelligence?
Is the audience leveraging mobile devices? How?
Is the audience leveraging social networks? Which?
What content will be most engaging?

You may already have been caught up in the movement of digital and used some of these trends to make your campaigns more effective this year. If so, please do share your examples here.

Here’s some guidance if you are just getting started in digital and want to know how you can apply these digital trends to your projects.

Search-related trends are self-explanatory, as we have to work on optimization for the most current search approach and take advantage of the methods employed in search advertising. After we determine who we want to reach and what our goals are for our campaign, other trends can be taken into advisement or inspire new ideas. For example, should we give customers a two-screen experience at the annual meeting during break outs with synchronized content that goes beyond the presentation?

With any campaign, we need to understand the audience, whether that is our customer, an employee, the press, or any other target audience we have, and then create the most relevant content which can be conveyed through text, photos, infographics, and videos to engage them at the right time and in the right place.

I mentioned the trend about data – are there new sources we can use for understanding the audience? Are we fully leveraging the sources we have?

Is the audience mobile? With employees, would mobile communications make them more productive? Do field engineers need content for customers optimized on a mobile device, or tools that are mobile-friendly? Will customers leverage mobile ecommerce?

Is the audience leveraging social networks? Are customers gathering in small groups in LinkedIn? Are we tweeting the right information to make it easy for press coverage? Would a facebook page be the best place to engage the community we are in?

And last, but not least, what content will be most engaging for the campaign? Once you know where you are most likely to reach your target audience, and have figured out the right time to do it, creating an infographic, which is highly shareable may be the best content to leverage on LinkedIn, where a case study from the customer’s perspective may be most valuable on the website. It’s not just converting content for the different platforms, though, it is telling the story in the right way for the medium.

Employee Goal Review: Checklist

Review goals to ensure they are still appropriate

  • Does the goal follow the SMART model?
  • Does the goal contain …
  • Objective (what)
  • Metric or outcome (how it will be measured)
  • Timing (when)
  • Does each objective begin with an action word?
  • Is the objective clear and concise (tells you “what” you are accountable for, while avoiding excessive “how” tactical details)?
  • Is the metric clear and measurable or mushy and vague?
  • Is the timing correct/appropriate/realistic?
  • Is the definition of ‘success’ clear – do you and your manager both understand what successful performance against that goal will look like?

Employee Tips for a good performance discussion

  • Prepare, prepare, prepare…
  • Review your Goals and Objectives
  • What accomplishments stand out?
  • How do I want to leverage the things that make me unique
  • Identify and understand your strengths and development needs
  • Complete the Career Navigation Workbook in advance of your meeting
  • Consider…
  • How do you want to develop your career?
  • What do you like most/least about your current job?
  • What skills/abilities would you like to develop?
  • Make sure your goals are in-line with the needs of the business
  • Request opportunities to develop your skills and growth values
  • Ask for career and performance feedback
  • Seek opportunities and exposure to different work areas/groups

Starter Questions for Employees

  • In what areas are you interested? To what positions do you aspire? What is it about the areas/position(s) that attracts you?
  • Are you interested in global opportunities?
  • Why do you think you would be good at this?
  • Do you aspire to a managerial role? Why?
  • What competencies are needed to reach your career goals? New skills? Exposure? Depth? Breadth? Where can you develop these things?
  • What are some things you can work on in your current role to start/keep building and demonstrating competencies?
  • What experiences do you think you need to secure to reach your career goals?
  • Who has those skill/attributes you admire and would like to emulate?
  • What feedback have you gotten regarding your career goals?

Suggestions for Growing in role – Performance

  • Lead a Work-Out or process improvement project
  • Present a proposal or report out to upper management
  • Plan an off-site meeting or conference
  • Accountability for a project or large portion of a project
  • Teach team members new expertise
  • Strive to add unexpected value
  • Work with a coach or mentor
  • Serve as a mentor to a new employee
  • Benchmark other businesses & implement best practices
  • Work on a global project
  • Identify opportunities that will address Developmental Needs

Suggestions for Growing in Role – Values

  • Performance is key – maintain a high “say-do” ratio. Deliver on your promises.
  • Maintain a professional image. Behaviors in meetings, outside of meetings, with peers, etc. impact how you are perceived in the organization
  • Understand the company culture and company Growth Values
  • Always with unyielding integrity – tell the truth; come forward in time with issues
  • Embrace candid feedback and take action
  • Be aware of your development needs – continue to reflect and learn from experience
  • Get engaged – be present in meetings, take on tough issues, own resolution
  • Be a team player – focus on what is best for the organization, listen to others, connect with stakeholders
  • Know when you need help and reach out to others for advice, counsel and support

Are you ready to start looking for a new role? Consider…

  • Execution – Have you delivered results in current role and lived with outcome of your actions/decisions?
  • Timing – Is this a good time based on individual and team’s current deliverables and commitments? What reasonably needs to come to completion first?
  • Business need – Does the business have a need that aligns with your growth plans?
  • Competency Building – Have you leveraged opportunities in current role to build relevant competencies? Have you demonstrated the critical competencies to be successful in your next role (answer vary depending on the opportunity)?
  • Have you considered all aspects of the new role before applying, such as:
  • Family considerations?
  • Relocation & travel requirements?
  • Learning & development – how does this role fit with career objectives – what competency gaps will it fill to help reach long term goals?


Letter Most common Alternative
S Specific Significant, stretching, simple, sustainable
M Measurable Motivational, manageable, meaningful
A Achievable Appropriate, agreed, assignable, attainable, actionable, action-oriented, adjustable, ambitious, aligned with corporate goals, aspirational, acceptable, aggressive
R Relevant Result-based, results-oriented, resourced, resonant, realistic, reasonable
T Time-bound Time-oriented, time-framed, timed, time-based, timeboxed, time-specific, timetabled, time limited, time/cost limited, trackable, tangible, timely, time-sensitive, timeframe


Security in the News – Week of April 28

Information Security

ABC News

Interpol, Philippines Bust Cyber Extortion Network

May 2

Dozens of suspected members of online extortion syndicate who duped hundreds of victims worldwide into exposing themselves in front of webcams or engaging in lewd chats.



Heartbleed Used to Uncover Data from Cybercriminals

April 29

Bug turned cybercriminals from attackers into victims as researchers grab material from chat rooms where they trade data.



AOL Traces Mystery Spam Flood to Security Breach; Passwords Stolen

April 28

Email addresses, encrypted passwords compromised roughly two percent of accounts.


Give IE Heave-Ho Until Microsoft Patches Zero-Day

April 29

Run a different browser, says cyber watchdog US-CERT.


Voice Phishing Scheme Lets Hackers Steal Personal Data From Banks

April 30

Cybercriminals used combo of SMS, voice phishing techniques to obtain debit card details from bank customers.


Target Looks to Reassure Consumers with Move to Chip and Pin

April 30

Target slates rollout of chip and pin for its payment cards for next year.


Help Net Security

63% of Orgs Believe They Can’t Stop Data Theft

April 30

Survey gives new insight into why cybercriminals have a foothold in the broader enterprise.


Network World

Phishing Attacks on Phone Customers Rising Again

April 28

Phone scams continue to plague customers.


PC Magazine

AOL Breach Puts Users’ Personal Info at Risk

April 28

AOL started its investigation after rise in number of spam, spoofing messages sent from user accounts.


Security Affairs

Kaspersky Discovered First Active Android SMS Trojan

April 28

Recently detected FakeInst, first active SMS trojan for Android targeted users in 66 countries.


State of Security

Target Appoints New CIO and Outlines Security Enhancements

April 29

New CIO to guide effort in wake of the massive data breach, provides details on security enhancements implemented.


Security Incidents Decrease, Financial Losses Nearly Double

April 29

IS breaches impacting UK businesses decreased; scale of breaches reported and impact has almost doubled.


Voice of Russia

Iran Speedily Advances in Cyber Attacks on US Trailing Right Behind China
April 29

Mandiant suggests major cyber espionage threat comes from China and Russia, Iran is quickly coming on.


Security and Crisis Management

New York Times

Putin Demands That Ukraine Pull Its Troops from Southeast

May 1

Russian president told German Chancellor that Ukraine must remove military from SE region to resolve showdown with pro-Russian militants who seized official buildings.



Air Strike Kills 33 in Syria’s Aleppo: Monitoring Group

May 1

33 killed when Syrian government warplanes attacked market in rebel-controlled district of Aleppo.


Riot Police Clash with May Day Protesters in Istanbul

May 1

Turkish police fired tear gas, water cannon, rubber pellets to stop May Day protesters from defying Prime Minister, reaching Taksim square.

Security in the News – Week of April 21

Information Security


SEC Seeks Data on Cyber Security Policies at Wall Street Firms

April 21

Cyber defenses at 50 broker-dealers, investment advisers will be assessed by federal examiners.


Mystery Malware Infecting Jailbroken iPhones, iPads

April 23

iOS users found malicious library of unknown origin that can steal Apple credentials from iOS devices.


How to Keep Your Smartphone (and Data) Secure

April 24

Tips, tools can help keep your smartphone close, protect data if it strays.


Help Net Security

CyberRX: Healthcare Industry’s First Cyber-Attack Simulation

April 22

Results from healthcare industry’s first cyber-attack simulation.


Nine Patterns Make up 92 Percent of Security Incidents

April 23

92 percent of 100K security incidents analyzed over 10 years traced to nine basic attack patterns that vary from industry to industry.


Network World

Web Apps Security Punching Bag of Internet

April 22

Verizon’s 2014 Data Breach reports show web apps are fraudster’s best friend.


Security Vendor Blames Amazon for Customer Malware

April 24

Security vendor claims Amazon Web Services provided cloud-computing customer with unpatched version of Windows resulted in malware infection.


Ride the Lightning

Where Do You Go if You Are the Victim of a Cybercrime?

April 21

If you have been victim of cybercrime, you can visit the National White Collar Crime Center.



Iowa State Hacked–To Mine Bitcoins

April 23

Attackers looking at college networks for another reason: computing power for Bitcoin mining.



It’s Insanely Easy to Hack Hospital Equipment

April 25

Many hospitals are unaware of high risk associated with devices.


Security and Crisis Management


Ukraine Move in Slavyansk Draws Stern Putin Warning

April 24

Ukrainian commandos moved on separatist stronghold of Slavyansk, prompting a warning of consequences from Russia’s President.


The Telegraph

Ukraine Helicopter Hit by Grenade Taking Off

April 25

Ukraine helicopter crippled in grenade attack as EU, US leaders conferred on final list of new sanctions.


Washington Post

Air Strikes Kill Dozens in Syria’s Aleppo: Monitor Group

April 21

Dozens killed in air strikes on northern Syrian city of Aleppo, including at least 29 people in single neighborhood.


Militants Attack Balloting Center in Iraq, Kill 10

April 23

Militants wearing military uniforms carried out attack against balloting center in remote area of country’s north, killed 10 guards.


Nigerian Leaders Unite Against Boko Haram

April 24

Leaders from across Nigeria appealed for united front against Boko Haram, saying Islamist insurgents were waging war on Christian and Muslim Nigerians alike.


3 Americans Killed in Attack on Kabul Hospital

April 24

Three American medical staff members died when Afghan security official opened fire at American-run Christian hospital in Kabul in latest violence targeting foreigners in Afghanistan.


Protesters Occupy Remote Oilfield in Peru

April 25

Indigenous protesters occupied Peru’s biggest oilfield in Amazon jungle near Ecuador to demand  cleanup of decades of contamination from spilled crude.


Yahoo News

Bomb Kills 4, Wounds 25 in Southern Pakistan

April 25

Powerful bomb exploded in upscale residential area of southern Pakistan, killing four people, wounding 25.

Security in the News – Week of April 14

Information Security

Krebs on Security

Crimeware Helps File Fraudulent Tax Returns

April 15

Cybercriminals targeting HR departments at compromised organizations, rapidly filing fraudulent federal tax returns on employees.


Hacker News

German Aerospace Center Targeted by Self Destructing Malware

April 14

It’s not so far when Germany confirmed its biggest Data theft in the country’s history with the usernames and passwords of 18 million email accounts stolen, compromised.


Help Net Security

Businesses Take Little Action to Mitigate Insider Threat

April 15

While businesses are growing increasingly aware of the insider threat, they still lack enforceable controls to stop and punish perpetrators.

Heartbleed Should Jumpstart Important Security Changes

April 15

With impacts on an estimated 60-70% of websites, Heartbleed is easily the security vulnerability with highest degree of potential impact ever.


Security of Most Popular Programming Languages

April 15

WhiteHat Security report takes deeper look into security of most popular programming languages including .Net, Java, ColdFusion, ASP and more.



Australia Rates Second in Cyber-Capability

April 14

Australia is second only to the United States in cyber-capabilities in the Asia Pacific region, according to a landmark report.


Network World

Heartbleed bug is irritating McAfee, Symantec, Kaspersky Lab

April 15

Flawed OpenSSL Heartbleed problem is putting security firms in the hot seat.


State of Security

Data Breaches at Federal Agencies Doubled Over Three Years

April 15

Number of IS incidents involving exposure of personally identifiable information has more than doubled over last three years.


Security and Crisis Management


Injuries as Blast Hits Central Cairo

April 15

Two policemen wounded in attack that targeted security checkpoint in Dokki neighborhood.



Nigeria Unrest: Gunmen Abduct 100 Schoolgirls

April 15

100 girls are thought to been abducted in attack on school in north-east Nigeria.


Belgian Emmanuel de Merode Shot in DR Congo Ambush

April 16

Belgian director of Africa’s oldest national park, Virunga in Democratic Republic of Congo, shot and wounded in ambush.


Latin American Tribune

Police Kill 4 Gunmen in Shootouts in Eastern Mexico

April 16

Four suspected criminals died in separate shootouts with police in port city of Veracruz.


Angeles Times

Nigeria Bus Station Bombing Kills 71; Boko Haram Blamed

April 14

Nigerian President blamed Boko Haram for explosion that killed scores at bus station outside capital, calling Islamic militant group an unnecessary distraction, temporary problem.



Israeli Motorist Killed in West Bank Shooting: Army

April 14

An Israeli man was killed in a shooting attack on a civilian car near the city of Hebron in the occupied West Bank on Monday, the eve of the Jewish holiday of Passover.

Security in the News – Week of April 7

Information Security


Social Media Endangers Corporate Secrets

April 8

Employees can unintentionally share more than their employers want anyone to know.


Defense System

Three Ways to Deal with Insider Threats

April 7

For DOD IT teams, reality of insider threat may be far more mundane, though no less critical.



Willis Insurance Predicts Energy Cyber-Attack Catastrophe Ahead

April 8

Major cyber-attack on energy industry is only a matter of time.


Three Effective Approaches To Corporate Security

April 9

IT security threats lurking are greater, more varied, far more insidious than ever before.


Fox Business

Hackers Unleash Mafia-Style Extortion Tactics

April 7

CEO received disturbing email one recent morning that would have ripple effects for his company’s 16 million users.


Help Net Security

CISO Challenges and Security ROI

April 7

EY Director of IS offers guidance for CISOs, discusses technical competence of company leaders, tackles security ROI, and more.


Emerging Trends in Cyber-Attack Methodology

April 7

Shift in complex attack trends, evolution in threat ecosystem and motivation of cyber-attacks.


Does IP Convergence Open You Up to Hackers?

April 7

Take steps to assure access you provide for vendors is not be abused or misused.


Public WiFi Users Regularly Access Sensitive Info

April 7

A considerable portion of US adults using free public WiFi say they accessed sensitive information while using it.


Breaches Expose 552 Million Identities in 2013

April 10

After lurking in the shadows for the first ten months of 2013, cybercriminals unleashed the most damaging series of cyberattacks in history.


Homeland Security News

Feds Struggle to Plug Power Grid Security Holes

April 10

Many vulnerabilities in power grid are attributable to newly adopted smart-grid technology, allows operators to transmit energy from diverse pool of resources.


Kai Roer

How to Build and Maintain Security Culture

April 7

Findings on security culture, slides.


Krebs on Security

Heartbleed Bug: What You Can Do

April 10

Many are understandably anxious to know what they can do to protect themselves; short primer.


Network World

Worst Data Breaches of 2014…So Far

April 8

204 through March for loss of 4,238,983 records related to sensitive information exposed through hacker cyber-attacks, stolen laptops, dumb mistakes.


PC Magazine

Why You Should Ditch Windows XP Now

April 1

First and foremost, this is a security issue.


Security Affairs

Extortion is Common Practice in Cyber Criminal Ecosystem

April 10

Extortion, ransom, blackmail are pillars of illicit activities, cyber criminals are adapting to cyber context.


State of Security

Russian Crime Syndicate Hacked Neiman Marcus, Many More

April 7

Russian crime syndicate identified as perpetrator of dozens of high profile attacks over seven years, lack of cooperation from authorities made dismantling group impossible.


Mobile Point-of-Sale Devices Easily Hacked

April 7

Banks, small and medium retailers, customers who use devices vulnerable to loss of payment card information and fraud.


Heartbleed Should Give You Cardiac Arrest

April 8

Of grave concern in security community on the Heartbleed vulnerability.


Security and Crisis Management


Pakistan Market Bomb Kills 20 in Islamabad

April 9

Deadly bomb blast struck market o outskirts of Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, killing at least 20.


Los Angeles Times

Car Bomb Explodes Outside Bank of Greece

April 10

Suspected domestic terrorists exploded car bomb outside Bank of Greece building in heart of Athens.

Anti-Terrorist Operation Under Way in Ukraine’s Kharkiv

April 8

Ukrainian security forces detained 70 in anti-terrorist organization in Kharkiv.