4 New Ways to Think About Our Jobs

Below is a summary of the way we should be thinking about our jobs today versus the way it might have been 20 or 30 years ago:
1) “Average” is officially over…everyone has to find their (personal) way to create value
2) We grew up in a high wage/medium skill world…now it is only a high wage/high skill world
3) We must keep reinventing our jobs to keep them:
• Think like an immigrant (be a paranoid optimist)
• Think like an artisan (your job is a personal work, “your initials in it”)
• If you think you are “finished”…you may be
• PQ+CQ>IQ (‘passion quotient’ plus ‘curiosity quotient’ is more important than ‘intellectual quotient’)
4) The world of “defined benefits” is over…only defined contributions count

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