Employee Goal Review: Checklist

Review goals to ensure they are still appropriate

  • Does the goal follow the SMART model?
  • Does the goal contain …
  • Objective (what)
  • Metric or outcome (how it will be measured)
  • Timing (when)
  • Does each objective begin with an action word?
  • Is the objective clear and concise (tells you “what” you are accountable for, while avoiding excessive “how” tactical details)?
  • Is the metric clear and measurable or mushy and vague?
  • Is the timing correct/appropriate/realistic?
  • Is the definition of ‘success’ clear – do you and your manager both understand what successful performance against that goal will look like?

Employee Tips for a good performance discussion

  • Prepare, prepare, prepare…
  • Review your Goals and Objectives
  • What accomplishments stand out?
  • How do I want to leverage the things that make me unique
  • Identify and understand your strengths and development needs
  • Complete the Career Navigation Workbook in advance of your meeting
  • Consider…
  • How do you want to develop your career?
  • What do you like most/least about your current job?
  • What skills/abilities would you like to develop?
  • Make sure your goals are in-line with the needs of the business
  • Request opportunities to develop your skills and growth values
  • Ask for career and performance feedback
  • Seek opportunities and exposure to different work areas/groups

Starter Questions for Employees

  • In what areas are you interested? To what positions do you aspire? What is it about the areas/position(s) that attracts you?
  • Are you interested in global opportunities?
  • Why do you think you would be good at this?
  • Do you aspire to a managerial role? Why?
  • What competencies are needed to reach your career goals? New skills? Exposure? Depth? Breadth? Where can you develop these things?
  • What are some things you can work on in your current role to start/keep building and demonstrating competencies?
  • What experiences do you think you need to secure to reach your career goals?
  • Who has those skill/attributes you admire and would like to emulate?
  • What feedback have you gotten regarding your career goals?

Suggestions for Growing in role – Performance

  • Lead a Work-Out or process improvement project
  • Present a proposal or report out to upper management
  • Plan an off-site meeting or conference
  • Accountability for a project or large portion of a project
  • Teach team members new expertise
  • Strive to add unexpected value
  • Work with a coach or mentor
  • Serve as a mentor to a new employee
  • Benchmark other businesses & implement best practices
  • Work on a global project
  • Identify opportunities that will address Developmental Needs

Suggestions for Growing in Role – Values

  • Performance is key – maintain a high “say-do” ratio. Deliver on your promises.
  • Maintain a professional image. Behaviors in meetings, outside of meetings, with peers, etc. impact how you are perceived in the organization
  • Understand the company culture and company Growth Values
  • Always with unyielding integrity – tell the truth; come forward in time with issues
  • Embrace candid feedback and take action
  • Be aware of your development needs – continue to reflect and learn from experience
  • Get engaged – be present in meetings, take on tough issues, own resolution
  • Be a team player – focus on what is best for the organization, listen to others, connect with stakeholders
  • Know when you need help and reach out to others for advice, counsel and support

Are you ready to start looking for a new role? Consider…

  • Execution – Have you delivered results in current role and lived with outcome of your actions/decisions?
  • Timing – Is this a good time based on individual and team’s current deliverables and commitments? What reasonably needs to come to completion first?
  • Business need – Does the business have a need that aligns with your growth plans?
  • Competency Building – Have you leveraged opportunities in current role to build relevant competencies? Have you demonstrated the critical competencies to be successful in your next role (answer vary depending on the opportunity)?
  • Have you considered all aspects of the new role before applying, such as:
  • Family considerations?
  • Relocation & travel requirements?
  • Learning & development – how does this role fit with career objectives – what competency gaps will it fill to help reach long term goals?


Letter Most common Alternative
S Specific Significant, stretching, simple, sustainable
M Measurable Motivational, manageable, meaningful
A Achievable Appropriate, agreed, assignable, attainable, actionable, action-oriented, adjustable, ambitious, aligned with corporate goals, aspirational, acceptable, aggressive
R Relevant Result-based,
results-oriented, resourced, resonant, realistic, reasonable
T Time-bound Time-oriented, time-framed, timed, time-based, timeboxed, time-specific, timetabled, time limited, time/cost limited, trackable, tangible, timely, time-sensitive, timeframe