Security in the News – Week of April 28

Information Security

ABC News

Interpol, Philippines Bust Cyber Extortion Network

May 2

Dozens of suspected members of online extortion syndicate who duped hundreds of victims worldwide into exposing themselves in front of webcams or engaging in lewd chats.



Heartbleed Used to Uncover Data from Cybercriminals

April 29

Bug turned cybercriminals from attackers into victims as researchers grab material from chat rooms where they trade data.



AOL Traces Mystery Spam Flood to Security Breach; Passwords Stolen

April 28

Email addresses, encrypted passwords compromised roughly two percent of accounts.


Give IE Heave-Ho Until Microsoft Patches Zero-Day

April 29

Run a different browser, says cyber watchdog US-CERT.


Voice Phishing Scheme Lets Hackers Steal Personal Data From Banks

April 30

Cybercriminals used combo of SMS, voice phishing techniques to obtain debit card details from bank customers.


Target Looks to Reassure Consumers with Move to Chip and Pin

April 30

Target slates rollout of chip and pin for its payment cards for next year.


Help Net Security

63% of Orgs Believe They Can’t Stop Data Theft

April 30

Survey gives new insight into why cybercriminals have a foothold in the broader enterprise.


Network World

Phishing Attacks on Phone Customers Rising Again

April 28

Phone scams continue to plague customers.


PC Magazine

AOL Breach Puts Users’ Personal Info at Risk

April 28

AOL started its investigation after rise in number of spam, spoofing messages sent from user accounts.


Security Affairs

Kaspersky Discovered First Active Android SMS Trojan

April 28

Recently detected FakeInst, first active SMS trojan for Android targeted users in 66 countries.


State of Security

Target Appoints New CIO and Outlines Security Enhancements

April 29

New CIO to guide effort in wake of the massive data breach, provides details on security enhancements implemented.


Security Incidents Decrease, Financial Losses Nearly Double

April 29

IS breaches impacting UK businesses decreased; scale of breaches reported and impact has almost doubled.


Voice of Russia

Iran Speedily Advances in Cyber Attacks on US Trailing Right Behind China
April 29

Mandiant suggests major cyber espionage threat comes from China and Russia, Iran is quickly coming on.


Security and Crisis Management

New York Times

Putin Demands That Ukraine Pull Its Troops from Southeast

May 1

Russian president told German Chancellor that Ukraine must remove military from SE region to resolve showdown with pro-Russian militants who seized official buildings.



">Air Strike Kills 33 in Syria’s Aleppo: Monitoring Group

May 1

33 killed when Syrian government warplanes attacked market in rebel-controlled district of Aleppo.


Riot Police Clash with May Day Protesters in Istanbul

May 1

Turkish police fired tear gas, water cannon, rubber pellets to stop May Day protesters from defying Prime Minister, reaching Taksim square.