Security in the News – Week of April 21

Information Security


SEC Seeks Data on Cyber Security Policies at Wall Street Firms

April 21

Cyber defenses at 50 broker-dealers, investment advisers will be assessed by federal examiners.


Mystery Malware Infecting Jailbroken iPhones, iPads

April 23

iOS users found malicious library of unknown origin that can steal Apple credentials from iOS devices.


How to Keep Your Smartphone (and Data) Secure

April 24

Tips, tools can help keep your smartphone close, protect data if it strays.


Help Net Security

CyberRX: Healthcare Industry’s First Cyber-Attack Simulation

April 22

Results from healthcare industry’s first cyber-attack simulation.


Nine Patterns Make up 92 Percent of Security Incidents

April 23

92 percent of 100K security incidents analyzed over 10 years traced to nine basic attack patterns that vary from industry to industry.


Network World

Web Apps Security Punching Bag of Internet

April 22

Verizon’s 2014 Data Breach reports show web apps are fraudster’s best friend.


Security Vendor Blames Amazon for Customer Malware

April 24

Security vendor claims Amazon Web Services provided cloud-computing customer with unpatched version of Windows resulted in malware infection.


Ride the Lightning

Where Do You Go if You Are the Victim of a Cybercrime?

April 21

If you have been victim of cybercrime, you can visit the National White Collar Crime Center.



Iowa State Hacked–To Mine Bitcoins

April 23

Attackers looking at college networks for another reason: computing power for Bitcoin mining.



It’s Insanely Easy to Hack Hospital Equipment

April 25

Many hospitals are unaware of high risk associated with devices.


Security and Crisis Management


Ukraine Move in Slavyansk Draws Stern Putin Warning

April 24

Ukrainian commandos moved on separatist stronghold of Slavyansk, prompting a warning of consequences from Russia’s President.


The Telegraph

Ukraine Helicopter Hit by Grenade Taking Off

April 25

Ukraine helicopter crippled in grenade attack as EU, US leaders conferred on final list of new sanctions.


Washington Post

Air Strikes Kill Dozens in Syria’s Aleppo: Monitor Group

April 21

Dozens killed in air strikes on northern Syrian city of Aleppo, including at least 29 people in single neighborhood.


Militants Attack Balloting Center in Iraq, Kill 10

April 23

Militants wearing military uniforms carried out attack against balloting center in remote area of country’s north, killed 10 guards.


Nigerian Leaders Unite Against Boko Haram

April 24

Leaders from across Nigeria appealed for united front against Boko Haram, saying Islamist insurgents were waging war on Christian and Muslim Nigerians alike.


3 Americans Killed in Attack on Kabul Hospital

April 24

Three American medical staff members died when Afghan security official opened fire at American-run Christian hospital in Kabul in latest violence targeting foreigners in Afghanistan.


Protesters Occupy Remote Oilfield in Peru


April 25

Indigenous protesters occupied Peru’s biggest oilfield in Amazon jungle near Ecuador to demand  cleanup of decades of contamination from spilled crude.


Yahoo News

Bomb Kills 4, Wounds 25 in Southern Pakistan

April 25

Powerful bomb exploded in upscale residential area of southern Pakistan, killing four people, wounding 25.