Security in the News – Week of March 31

Information Security


Millions of Home Routers Expose ISPs to DDoS Attacks

April 2

DNS-based DDoS amplification attacks have significantly increased in recent months, targeting vulnerable home routers worldwide.


Computer Weekly

Business Counts Cost of Cyber Attackers’ Secret Weapon

March 31

Global businesses are counting cost of failing to defend against advanced evasion techniques.



Untraceable Device Allows Hacker to Control Car From Miles Away

March 31

$20 untraceable device allows attacker to remotely take control of cars that are CAN-enabled vehicles.


Financial Firms, Social Media Remain Top Phishing Targets

April 3

Kaspersky Labs says nearly 30 percent of phishing attacks last year targeted financial institutions, second only to social networking Phishing attack campaigns.



Zeus Malware Found with Valid Digital Certificate

April 3

New version of notorious banking Trojan could avoid detection by browsers and anti-malware software.



APT1: The State of the Hack One Year Later

April 1

FireEye COO took stage at RSA to share perspective on activities that led to release of APT1 report, aftermath.



Will Pentagon’s Plan For Defeating Insider Attacks Work?

March 31

In a curious omission, there’s no mention of plans for dealing with kind of insider attacks perpetrated by Snowden.


Help Net Security

European Cybercrime Centre Warns About Windows XP Security Risks

March 31

European Cybercrime Centre warns security risks related to end of Windows XP support.


CIOs Moving More Information to Cloud

March 31

CIOs, senior-level IT leaders moving increasing percentage of organizational information into cloud, growing use of private cloud, SaaS delivery models.


Simple Steps to Prevent Data Theft

March 31

Tips for protecting organizations against the types of data breaches that recently occurred at major retailers.


Dangers of Using Outdated Software

April 2

Survey shows  many businesses are risking company assets by using outdated software.


Information Week

Cyber Criminals Operate On A Budget, Too

April 1

Report on how attacks have gotten more advanced, but use same old tools.


Krebs on Security

US States Investigating Breach at Experian

April 3

Credit bureau Experian ended up selling consumer records to identity theft service in cybercrime underground, prompted a multi-state investigations.


Network World

Mass Malware on Mobile Devices

March 31

Are mobile phones en masse more or less vulnerable than other systems? Or just different?


Whose Fault That Users are Weakest Link?

April 2

Users are weakest link when it comes to network, computer security, survey reveals users themselves aren’t entirely to blame.


Users Face Serious Threat as Hackers Take Aim at Routers, Embedded Devices

April 3

Attacks are likely to continue and manufacturers are largely unprepared to respond.


Want to Lower Risk? Lower the ROI of Hackers

April 3

Hacking is no longer a game for tech-savvy teens looking for bragging rights. It is a for-profit business, a very big business.


New Cybersecurity Reality: The Whole is Greater Than Sum of Parts

April 3

Integration, architecture, collective action are new reality, demand behavioral changes across industry.


PC Mag

Ex-Microsoft Employee Pleads Guilty to Stealing Trade Secrets

April 2

Former employee accused of leaking early copies of Windows 8 to French blogger in 2012.


The Tribune

Cyber-Attacks Hit Oil, Gas, Just as Much as Retail

April 1

New gen of malware is causing havoc with US businesses as hackers seek to steal private financial information.



Looking Into The Cybercrime Underground

April 1

Key part of cybercrime research focuses on the communities that cybercriminals form.



DDoS Trends Report Reveals Spike in Botnet Activity

March 31

DDoS trend found average of 12M unique botnet-driven attacks occurring weekly in last 90 days, 240% increase over same period 2013.


We Live Security

NSA Revelations Impact Online Shopping, Banking, More

April 2

Online banking and shopping in America are being negatively impacted by ongoing revelations about NSAs digital surveillance activities.


ZD Net

Top Security Worry Keeping Businesses Awake at Night

April 3

One worry tops the rest: possibility of insider threats.


Security and Crisis Management

Bangkok Post

Protester Killed in Ambush, Four Wounded

April 1
Security guard shot dead, four other anti-government protesters wounded when gunmen ambushed convoy as it left Chaeng Wattana protest site.



Police C

hief Dies in Cairo Bombings

April 2

Police brigadier-general killed, five injured when three bombs went off near Cairo University.


Herald Tribune

Colombian Military Operations Result in Six Rebels Killed, Four Captured

April 3

Colombian army operations in central, SW part of country, resulted in six FARC guerrillas killed, four captured, four laid down arms voluntarily.