Security in the News – Week of February 24

Information Security


Apple Encryption Mistake Puts Many Desktop Apps at Risk

February 24

Apple’s Mail, FaceTime, Calendar, Safari browser and Software Update could be vulnerable.


US AG Calls for Data Breach Notification Law

February 24

New law would allow the DOJ to better combat cybercrime.


Transparency About Data Retention Requires Knowing What You Have

February 25

Many companies don’t know what their apps know about consumers.


360 Million Account Credentials Found in Wild

February 26

List is likely to have been compiled from multiple data breaches.


HelpNet Security

Android Banking Trojans on Rise

February 24

Mobile malware sector grows technologically, structurally; majority created in 2013 focused on extracting financial profits.


What People Think about Passwords, Email Snooping, Personal Data

February 24

Research shows where Millennials, Gen-Xers stand in regards to passwords, online marketing, email snooping, personal data.


Beware of Fake PayPal Survey Program Offers

February 24

UK PayPal users targeted with spoofed PayPal email offering reward for participating in a new survey program.


Nearly Half of Companies Assume they Have Been Compromised

February 25

Orgs operating under assumption their network has already been compromised, or will be.


SpyEye and Tilon Banking Malware Have Same Author(s)

February 27

First discovered in 2012, Tilon banking malware received name because of some similarities with the Silon banking Trojan.


Network World

Security Researchers Urge Tech Companies to Explain Cryptographic Choices

February 27

Transparency principles for companies to regain user trust following surveillance revelations.


Internet of Things, Infrastructure Attacks are Big Security Headaches

February 27

CIA Director says catalog of front-burner issues CIA faces is staggering.


State of Security

RSA Conference: Day One Highlights

Febray 24

Feedback on first day sessions.


RSA Conference: Day Two Highlights

February 25

Feedback on second day sessions.


RSA Conference: Day Three Highlights

February 26

Feedback on third day sessions.


We Live Security

Perils of Passwords, How to Avoid Them

February 24

One of the biggest problems is password reuse.


Mac Malware Spread Disguised as Cracked Versions of Angry Birds, Pixelmator, Other Top Apps

February 25

Mac users warned not to download pirated software from file-sharing peer-to-peer networks.


US Businesses Boost Cyber Defenses as They Brace for More Target-Style Attacks

February 25

82% of businesses expect a highly targeted attack to increase over the next two years.



Report Maps Internet Threats

February 24

Major development in malware in 2013 on rise of ransomware on Windows desktops and Android devices.


Security and Crisis Management


Venezuela Protests to Blame for 50 Deaths

February 26

Venezuela’s President said number of deaths connected to two weeks of anti-government protests risen above 50.


News 24


mb Blasts at Zanzibar Tourist Bar, Cathedral

February 25

Two homemade bombs exploded on tourist island Zanzibar, with no casualties in latest series of attacks.


Patients Shot Dead in Hospital Beds

February 26

Warring fighters in S. Sudan looted hospitals, killed patients, cutting life-saving healthcare to hundreds of thousands of people.