Security in the News – Week of January 27

Information Security


China Originates 35% of Nuclear Bomb Cyber Attacks

January 29

Over a third of cyber-attacks come from China, with nation topping global charts for hacking.



Yahoo Resets Passwords After Email Hack

January 30

Yahoo suspects usernames and passwords were stolen from an unidentified third-party database.



CSO’s Guide to Advanced Persistent Threats

January 27

Series of articles examine processes, tools and methods used by criminals during a targeted attack.


HelpNet Security

Hasbro’s Website Compromised, Serves Malware

January 27

Toy maker compromised, found serving malware to unsuspecting visitors on number of occasions during last few weeks.


Retailer Michaels has Likely Been Breached

January 27

Latest to announce it was targeted by cyber crooks after customers’ payment card data.


Which Ecommerce Sites Do More to Protect Your Password?

January 27

Keys that protect consumer personal data are passwords used, and weak passwords could prove disastrous for personal data security.


Microsoft Reveals Law Enforcement Documents Were Stolen in Hack

January 27

Unknown hackers accessed, exfiltrated law enforcement information requests from compromised employee email accounts.


DDoS Attacks Become Smarter, Faster and More Severe

January 28

Attacks will continue to be serious issue in 2014 as attackers become more agile and their tools become more sophisticated.


Who Should be Responsible for Protecting Your Online Privacy?

January 28

Microsoft released results of survey that shows privacy attitudes of technology savvy individuals in US and European countries.


Empowering Users to Make Informed Decisions on Value of Sensitive Data

January 28

Data Privacy encourages everyone to make protecting privacy and data a greater priority.


Krebs on Security

New Clues in the Target Breach

January 29

Malware used suggests attackers may have had help from poorly secured feature built into a widely-used IT management software product running on retailer’s internal network.



2014 Cyber Security Outlook

January 29

A look at cyber threats this year, and key challenges from advancements in technology that are becoming part of daily lives.



SEC Examiners to Review How Asset Managers Fend Off Cyber Attacks

January 30

Regulators plan to scrutinize asset managers to have policies to prevent, detect cyber-attacks, properly safeguarding against risks that arise from vendors having access to systems.


State of Security

Data Privacy, Information Security and Cyber Insurance 2014 Trends Report

January 28

Data Privacy, IS industry experts for businesses and organizations.


Wall Street Journal

Alcatel-Lucent Reports Surge in Mobile Network Infections Affects 11.6 Million Devices

January 29

Home network infections rates for year remain flat as “traditional” PC malware makes jump to mobile devices


We Live Security

Blackberry Rolls out Picture Passwords for Handsets, Bolsters Enterprise Security System

January 29

Blackberry 10 operating system was updated to include photo password mechanism, stronger message filtering capabilities.


Security and Crisis Management

Al Arabiya

Egypt Militants Blow Up Sinai Gas

January 28

Pipeline in Egypt’s Sinai that transports gas to Jordan blown up by suspected militants.



Philippines Military Offensive Kills 37 Rebels

January 29

At least 37 Philippine rebels were killed in a two-day offensive in south.


News 24


th Toll Hits 52 in Nigeria Market Attack

January 29

Number of people killed in deadly market attack blamed on Boko Haram militants in Nigeria has risen to 52.



Suicide Bombers Storm Iraq Ministry

January 30

Suicide bombers burst into Iraqi ministry building, took hostages, killed 18 including themselves before security forces regained control.