Security in the News – Week of January 6

Information Security


Malware Introduced by Employees Major Concern for Business

January 9

Study finds malware security concern for businesses, finds employees were main reason when it comes to introducing malware to enterprise systems.



Target Breach Unleashes Fresh Scams

January 6

Scammers are nothing if not innovative, goes to show best defense is an educated workforce.


Help Net Security

Growing Hacking Threat to Ecommerce Websites

January 6

How websites get hacked, how to prevent it and what to do in a website compromise.


Unauthorized Activity on Your Amazon Account Phishing Email Doing Rounds

January 6

Spam campaign that aims for login credentials claims unauthorized activity on recipient’s Amazon account.


Deadly New Ransomware To Be Released?

January 7

As disruptive as Cryptolocker is, there’s a possibility that a deadlier type of ransomware will soon target unsuspecting users.


Senior Managers Worst Information Security Offenders

January 8

As companies look for solutions to protect integrity of networks, data centers and computer systems, unexpected threat is lurking under surface, senior management.


Top Priorities for Organizations to Counter Digital Criminality

January 8

Highlights biggest issue to hit organizations in 2014 will be rise of digital criminality as fraud becomes increasingly cyber enabled.


What Healthcare Security and Privacy Pros Wish For

January 9

2013 proved to be a dizzying year for healthcare compliance, privacy, and information security.


Krebs on Security

Target: Names, Emails, Phone Numbers on Up To 70 Million Customers Stolen

January 10

Target’s ongoing forensic investigation also determined guest information, separate from payment card data, was taken during breach.


Naked Security

Follow Up Phish Targets Possible Victims of JP Morgan Chase Card Breach

January 8

How cybercriminals use real security disasters to cause follow-up disasters of their own.


Network World

Talk of Cyberwarfare Meaningless to Many Companies

January 7

While government leaders often use attention-grabbing buzzwords, such expressions do not have much impact on security budgets within private industries.


Worst Data Breach Incidents of 2013

January 8

Businesses and government agencies lost most personal, financial records due to hackers or security mishaps.


Seven Best Habits of Effective Security Pros

January 8

IS professionals need to learn more swiftly, communicate more effectively, know more about business, and match capabilities of an ever-improving set of adversaries.


State of Security

Security and Risk Management in Healthcare

January 6

Study reveals industries lag behind other sectors in implementation of critical security controls.


Skipfish Scanner Used in Financial Sector Attacks

January 8

Cloud platform provider reports discovery of ongoing attacks targeting  financial sector in which systems are being scanned for vulnerabilities with security reconnaissance tool.


Remote Network Satellite Links Vulnerable to Attacks

January 8

Researchers have warned that terminals that allow Internet access for remote networks by sending data to satellites may be a “soft target” for attackers.



PrisonLocker Ransomware Emerges From Criminal Forums

January 6

Researchers uncovered new ransomware, malware author, legitimate security researcher or posing as one via a personal blog and Twitter handle.


We Live Security

2013: A View to a Scam

January 6

Plenty of scams effective to rate a warning or three, in the hope of alerting potential victims to the kind of gambit they use.


Security and Crisis Management

BBC News Africa

DR Congo’s Lubumbashi Hit by Fighting

January 7

26 killed in 8 hour battle between government, rebel forces in DRC city Lubumbashi.


Nigeria Gunmen Kill 30 in Plateau State Raid

January 7

Gunmen stormed village in Nigeria’s central Plateau state, leaving 30 people dead.


BBC News Europe

Russia Security Swoo

p after Bodies Found in Stavropol

January 9

Russian security forces deployed in anti-terror operation 186 miles east of Sochi, venue for Winter Olympics.


News 24

Mozambique Clash Leaves at Least 2 Dead

January 8

At least two gunmen linked to main opposition party killed in exchange of fire with government forces in town of Pembe.