Security in the News – Week of December 16

Information Security

All Things D

People More Freaked Out by Hacking Than Tracking

December 20

Respondents to recent survey said hacking is a bigger concern than tracking.


CNN Money

Target: 40 Million Credit Cards Compromised

December 19

Breach of credit, debit card data may have affected 40 million shoppers who went to the store in three weeks after Thanksgiving.



Most iPhone Users Enable Activation Lock

December 18

Survey by San Francisco DA finds that there’s room for improvement in Apple implementation.


FBI Launches New Biometric Systems to Nail Criminals

December 19

Palm prints, iris images and mug shots join fingerprints in the FBI’s database, helping to identify the bad guys.


Help Net Security

Resurgence of Malware Signed with Stolen Certificates

December 16

Since 2009, variants of the Winwebsec rogue AV family have tricked users into believing computer is infected, paying for registering software to rid of non-existent threat.


Gamers Attacked 11.7 Million Times in 2013

December 16

Kaspersky Lab discovered PC gamers across Europe were hit by a massive number of attacks in 2013.


How Human Behavior Affects Malware and Defense Measures

December 17

Even the most security-conscious users are open to attack through unknown vulnerabilities, and best security mechanisms can be circumvented as a result of poor user choices


Top Eight Security Insights for 2014

December 18

BeyondTrust’s Advanced Research identified the top 8 pain points and big deals in security in 2014.


India Set to Escalate Internet Surveillance

December 18

Indian government to launch surveillance system capable of analyzing online communication in real-time, detecting words that indicate terrorist, criminal activity.


Teaching Children Information Security Skills

December 18

(ISC)2 Foundation discusses biggest online threats to kids and provides tips on how to teach children to stay safe online.


What’s the Greatest Security Risk?

December 18

Study by the Ponemon Institute.


Krebs on Security

The Case for a Compulsory Bug Bounty

December 17

Study presents economic case yet for compelling companies to pay for information about security vulnerabilities in products.


Network World

Phishing Messages Fall in 2013 Despite Better Targeting

December 18

Criminals are sending fewer phishing emails than year ago, but more skilfully targeted, says security firm Websense.


Proof Point

Attackers Making Malware Delivery More Secure

December 19

Attackers directly send SSL-protected URLs in targeted phishing emails that link to their malware which is almost always packed inside a zip file.


State of Security

Cloud Computing Adoption by Federal Agencies Increases 400%

December 19

Cloud security technology trends in federal government finds despite security concerns cited as roadblocks to cloud adoption, agencies rapidly expanding tadoption of cloud infrastructure.


We Live Security

NSA Saves World from Plot to Remotely Destroy PCs

December 16

International plot which would turn PCs into bricks by remotely triggering deeply buried malware foiled by NSA.


Biometric Smart ID Card Could Offer Ultimate in Portable Security

December 17

New smart ID card to eliminate hacking, identity theft using voiceprints, fingerprints, iris readings and connecting to mobile devices via Bluetooth.


s/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+eset%2Fblog+%28ESET+Blog%3A+We+Live+Security%29">Holiday Shoppers Turning to Mobile to Bag Bargains, Ignoring Security Risk

December 19

40 believe convenience of shopping via mobile outweighed the risk.


Security and Crisis Management

No SCM news this week.