Security in the News – Week of December 9

Information Security


300 Victims Report Fake Support Calls to Security Org

December 10

Internet Storm Center collects info on scam for research.


Banks Shouldn’t Rely on Mobile SMS Passcodes

December 11

As mobile banking grows, malicious Android applications are increasingly intercepting one-time passcodes.


NASDAQ, Other Global Exchanges to Collaborate on Cybersecurity

December 12

World Federation of Exchanges creates working group to address cyberthreats against capital markets.



Letting The Wrong Ones In: Email Security’s Big Blind Spot

December 13

Security professionals seem confident that email security gateways and SaaS providers can safeguard them from spear-phishing attacks.


Help Net Security

Popular Holiday-Themed Phishing Attacks

December 10

Holidays are busy, especially for hackers. Phishing is most effective when it exploits human emotions—fear, greed, anxiousness, curiosity, compassion, getting a good deal.


Inadequate Electronic Disposal Protocols Can Lead to Security Leaks

December 10

IT departments’ decisions could inadvertently put orgs at risk of IS breach if they don’t have sufficient protocols for disposal of old electronic devices.


Visualizing Year’s Top Cyber Attacks

December 10

Red October, Kelihos, Syrian Electronic Army DNS Hijack, Syria Internet shutdown and Cryptolocker topped list of malicious events.


SC Magazine

Top Breaches in 2013

December 10



CISOs of Global Firms Offer Insight on Effective Security Programs

December 10

CISOs, security execs at well-known companies provided recommendations to help enhance organizations’ security programs.


Security Affairs

ENISA Threat Landscape 2013 Report, Rise of Cyber Threats

December 12

ENISA Threat Landscape 2013, collection of information on top cyber-threats that have been assessed in reporting period.


State of Security

Chinese Hackers Targeted Europeans Before G20 Summit

December 10

Chinese hackers gained access to European ministries, with attackers sending malware-laden emails designed to infect target’s computers and eavesdrop on communications.



Tech Giants Unite in Call for Surveillance Reform

December 9

Technology companies coalition calling for reform of surveillance practices, undermining trust in respective services, and nternet as a medium for communication and commerce.


Facebook Phishing Campaign Employing Malicious Tumblr Pages

December 11

New round of Facebook-related spam using fake messages about recent crimes involving recipients’ friends as a lure to direct them to Tumblr pages serving exploits.


64-Bit Version of Zeus Banking Trojan In The Wild

November 11

Researchers spotted new version of malware that uses Web injects to steal banking credentials to drain online accounts, steal digital certificates and log keystrokes.


We Live Security

Microsoft Uses Telepathy To Warn Users Off Weak Passwords

December 9

Telepathy, comes from computing, illustrates which passwords are easy for a computer to guess the next letter as you type in a password.


Guide to APTs – and Why Most of US Have Little to Fear from These Cyberweapons

December 9

If you work for a government or large institution I’m pretty sure you are being targeted by an APT right now.


New Hesperbot Targets: Germany and Australia

December 10

November has been eventful, update on situation and malware developments.


2014 Security and Privacy Predictions

December 10

Trends in security and privacy ESET researchers are predicting for 2014.


Security and Crisis Management


Suicide Bomber Attacks German Troops Near Airport in Afghan Capital

December 11

Suicide bomber attacked a convoy of German troops near international airport in Kabul, but there were no immediate reports of casualties.


News 24

Kenya Police Shot Near Somali Border

December 10

Gunmen killed five Kenyan policemen and wounded

two in an ambush in troubled northeast border region close to war-torn Somalia.


Washington Post

Argentine Looting: 10 Dead, $90 million Lost

December 11

Argentina’s Cabinet chief is declaring end to police strikes and scattered looting, but violence continues in streets abandoned by officers demanding higher pay.