Security in the News – Week of December 2

Information Security

Computerworld Warns Passwords in Danger after DNS Attack

December 2

Some users are advised to change their passwords.


Enjoy Trip, Protect Data You Take

December 2

International travel can require some pretty strong security measures if your devices contain sensitive information.


Worm May Create Internet of Harmful Things

December 3

Symantec says it has found a Linux worm aimed at Internet of Things devices.


Dark Reading

Experts Predict Mass Attacks On Online Banking Users

December 3

Neverquest Trojan banker supports almost every trick used to bypass online banking security system.


340K New Malicious Websites Detected In Past 30 Days

December 3

Creation of new malware, spam, and phishing sites growing at unprecedented rates, report says.


Hacker News

Two Million Stolen Facebook, Twitter Login Credentials

December 2

Researchers found Pony Botnet Controller Server with 2 million usernames, passwords, stolen by cybercriminals.

Krebs on Security

Important Security Update for D-Link Routers

December 2

D-Link released security update for older Internet routers; patch closes backdoor in devices that could let attackers seize remote control over vulnerable routers.


Simple But Effective Point-of-Sale Skimmer

December 3

POS skimmers, fraud devices made to siphon bank card and PIN data at the cash register, have grown in sophistication over the years.


Net Security

Financial Services Cyber Security Trends for 2014

December 4

Years ago, questions directed at executives at financial services firms on risk management wouldn’t have mentioned cyber security, question today generates a much different answer.


Spoofed MasterCard Warning Delivers Malware

December 4

Email notifying users their MasterCard debit card has been blocked during holiday shopping has been landing in inboxes around the world.


Fake Amazon Order Status Emails Deliver Malware

December 4

Fake invoice scams are year round, but more effective during the holiday as more packages get delivered from online purchases.


Security Watch

Over 80% Of Employees Use Non-Approved SaaS Applications at Work

December 4

McAfee survey discovers worst offenders amongst those surveyed were those working in IT who used more unauthorized apps than coworkers.


Security Week

ENISA Releases Guide for Defending Against Attacks on Industrial Control Systems

December 4

ENISA, Europe’s cyber security agency, released guide to help organizations better mitigate attacks against Industrial Control Systems.


State of Security

Israel and Saudi Arabia Plot Cyber Attack on Iran’s Nuclear Program

December 2

Iran’s accuses Israel, Saudi Arabia of plotting to unleash a cyber-attack targeting elements of rogue nation’s ambitious nuclear program with malware similar to Stuxnet virus.


Vodafone Iceland Hacked: 77,000 Accounts Exposed

December 2

Vodafone Iceland breached by Turkish hacker group, Maxn3y, 77k customer records compromised in addition to defacement of company webpage.


Consumers Concerned about Mobile Shopping Security

December 3

In Q3, mobile malware threats also increased 26 percent, making consumers more vulnerable to mobile attacks than ever before.


We Live Security

Google Nexus Phones can be Remote-Crashed by SMS

December 2

Two recent models of Nexus Android handsets can be crashed remotely, simply by sending them a flurry of SMS text messages.



Biggest Malware, Security Threats in 2013

December 4

Assumed guilt ransomware tactics, mobile device cyberattacks and Mac-based threats were largest in 2013.


JPMorgan Chase Admits Network Hack; 465,000 Card Users’ Data Stolen

December 5

Banking giant suffered network breach that resulted in a large data breach, though, funds or critical personal information are not thought to been stolen.


Security and Crisis Management


Central African Republic Bozize Loyalists Attack Bangui

December 5

16 killed during fighting in capital of the Central African Republic (CAR), Bangui.


News 24

10 Killed in Mozambique Unrest

December 5

Mozambique’s government says Renamo rebels killed 10 during six weeks of unrest, warned military may soon go on the offensive.



Seven Dead in Car Bomb Attack on Armed Convoy in Northern Somalia

December 5


Seven killed in car bomb on armed convoy escorting two foreigners working for a company training local security forces.


International New York Times

Assault on Yemeni Defense Ministry Compound Kills 52

December 5

Suspected members of Al Qaeda carried out a two-pronged attack on Yemen’s Defense Ministry HQs, blowing open compound entrance with car explosives, killing civilians in hospital.