Security in the News – Week of November 18

Information Security

Analysis Intelligence

Measuring the Media Impact of Hacktivists

November 19

Seeking anon-zero metric, consider amount of media coverage an organization receives to be a yardstick for success.



Adoption, Privacy Biggest Topics as NIST Cybersecurity Framework Nears Deadline

November 18

Feedback from cybersecurity specialists, attorneys, policymakers, government employees; offer guidance in applying and updating.


Why Network Security is Foundation for Cyber Strategy

November 19

As government orgs continue to deal with increasing cyber threats, those who protect digital assets have no silver bullet.


Hackers Exploit JBoss Vulnerability to Compromise Servers

November 19

Hackers exploit exposed JBoss management interfaces and invokers to install Web shells on servers.


Targeted Internet Misdirection on Rise

November 19

Traffic from financial firms, government agencies, VoIP providers quietly hijacked and rerouted through ISPs in Iceland.


Kaspersky Labs

All You Need to Know About APTs

November 18

APTs one of the most dangerous in computing world; unravel attack characteristics and way organizations, individuals can protect.


Krebs on Securtiy

vBulletin Breach Prompts Password Reset

November 18

Attackers broke in using a zero-day flaw now being sold online, vBulletin aware of attacks against current versions of product.


Don’t Like Spam? Complain About It

November 19

Underground service designed for spammers seeking to avoid anti-spam activists.


Security Affairs

Energy Industry Warned Over Threat of Cyberattacks

November 19

Energy industry continues to be privileged target for cyber-attacks of hacktivists, state-sponsored hackers and cybercriminals.


State of Security

Unsecured Public Networks Putting Travelers at Risk

November 18

Travelers are aware of risk, but not taking steps to protect personal data, systems when accessing public WiFi.


Threat Post

CryptoLocker Email Attachments Sent to Tens of Millions in UK

November 18

UK online banking customers are targets of dangerous spam campaign enticing users to open attachment with ransomware.


EFF Scorecard Shows Crypto Leaders and Laggards

November 20

Article examines encryption capabilities of 18 leading Internet companies.



Spike in Health-Themed Spam Marks September-October Spam Threats

November 19

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen drastic and noteworthy increases in the number of health-related spam in the wild.


We Live Security

Tens of Millions at Risk from Filecoder Due to Mass Email Spam Event Targeting Small Businesses

November 18

The malware is transmitted via emails that appear to come from banks, financial institutions, National Cyber Crime Unit warns.


Does Your Mouse Know it’s You?

November 20

Researchers claim patterns can “fingerprint” users – and lock out imposters.


Security and Crisis Management

Al Arabiya

Truck Bomb, Attacks Kill at Least 48 in Iraq

November 22

Truck bomb tore through outdoor market in NE Iraq, the deadliest of attacks.


Lebanon Army Defuses Car Bomb in Hezbollah Bastion

November 22

Lebanese army defused car bomb in Bekaa Valley, stronghold of Iranian-backed Hezbollah.



Russian Neo-Nazis J

ailed for Bombing Plot

November 22

Moscow court convicted white supremacists of planning to detonate bomb at antifascist concert.



Guinea Clashes Kill One; Injure Nine after Journalist Targeted

November 18

One killed, nine others injured during clashes in Guinea’s capital after journalist critical of President targeted for assassination.