Security in the News – Week of November 11

Information Security


British Spies Reportedly Spoofed LinkedIn, Slashdot to Target Network Engineers

November 11

Key employees from telecommunication companies were redirected to pages that installed malware on computers.


Help Net Security

Cryptolocker Surge Directly Tied with Blackhole Downfall

November 11

Cryptolocker, most widespread, visible and deadly threats is directly tied to arrest of creator of Blackhole, Cool exploit kits.


Complexity of Android Malware is Increasing

November 11

259 new mobile threat families and variants of existing families were discovered by F-Secure Labs in third quarter of 2013.


GCHQ Hacks GRX Providers to Mount MitM Attacks on Smartphone Users

November 11

Government Communications Headquarters, UK equivalent of NSA, compromised Global Roaming Exchange providers.


Krebs on Security

Facebook Warns Users After Adobe Breach

November 11

Facebook is mining data leaked from recent breach at Adobe in an effort to help its users better secure their accounts.


Feds Charge Brothers in Cyberheists

November 14

Brothers charged with masterminding a series of cyberheists that siphoned millions of dollars from personal, commercial bank accounts at US banks and brokerages.


Network World

10 Mistakes Companies Make after Data Breach

November 13

Experian Data Breach Resolution outlines mistakes after a breach.


Research Shows Arms Dealer Used in Cyberespionage Attacks

November 14

Companies battling tireless cyberespionage campaigns may be against well-organized attackers fed steady stream of malware from talented developer of cyber-arms.


Security Affairs

Brazilian Banking Threatened by Malware Embedded Inside RTF File

November 11

Clients of Brazilian financial institutions hit by banking trojan embedded in RTF file, spread through spam campaign.


New Modular Malware Platform Sold Underground

November 14

Security researcher profiles new commercially modular malware platform recently released on the underground marketplace.


Security Dark Reading

Research Into BIOS Attacks Underscores Their Danger

November 14

Researcher attempts to track down digital ghost in network, whose presence is felt in strange anomalies, odd system behavior.


State of Security

Backdoors and Hardware Attacks

November 13

Capillary diffusion of technology has important consequence. Hardware has to be properly analyzed during acquisition and qualification phases of the supply chain.


The New York Times

Adobe Breach Inadvertently Tied to Other Accounts

November 12

Security breach at Adobe in which hackers gained access to tens of millions of encrypted passwords and email addresses.



3Q Security Roundup: Invisible Web, One Million Mobile Malware

November 11

Third quarter of year shone spotlight on parts of hidden Internet that would have preferred to remain hidden.


We Live Security

More D-Link Routers are Vulnerable to Attacks

November 12

Vulnerabilities discovered in D-Link router, leaving device vulnerable to attacks via web interface, only weeks after discovery of a backdoor in other D-Link devices.


Massive War Game Batters London’s Banking System with Simulated Cyber Onslaught

November 12

War game scenario tested thousands of London’s investment banking staff against major cyber-attack on stock exchanges.


Big Banks Face High Risk Security Incidents Via Web Apps

November 14

Half of 50 biggest banks faced security incidents affecting web applications. 15 percent of incidents classified as high, critical risks.


Security and Crisis Management


French Priest Kidnapped in Cameroon

November 14

French priest kidnapped close to border with Nigeria.



Three Killed in Clashes in Central African Republic’s Capital

November 13

Three killed, several wounded in Central African Republic’s capital Bangui in clashes between security forces, fo

rmer rebel fighters.


The Washington Post

Attackers Throw Gasoline Bomb at Passenger Van in Nepal During Opposition Strike

November 13

Attackers hurled gasoline bomb at van in Nepal’s capital during opposition-called transport blockade.