Security in the News – Week of October 28

Information Security


ATM Malware May Spread from Mexico to English-Speaking World

October 28

Attacker can command an unidentified ATM brand to empty cash cassettes through keypad commands.


British Man Charged with Hacking NASA and US Military Computers

October 28

The man allegedly worked with others in Australia and Sweden to plant backdoors and steal confidential data.


Help Net Security

Traditional Security Models Becoming Exhausted

October 28

Gartner predicts traditional security models will be strained by 2020; 60 percent of enterprise IS budgets will be allocated for rapid detection and response approaches.


Buffer Hacked, Customer Accounts Misused to Send Out Spam

October 28

Buffer, popular online service for managing one’s social media presence by scheduling posts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, was hacked resulting in spam posts.


Characteristics of Effective Security Leaders

October 28

IBM study of security leaders reveals they are increasingly being called upon to address board-level security concerns; becoming more strategic voice within organization.


AmEx Users Targeted with Well-Crafted Phishing Scheme

October 29

Well-executed phishing campaign targeting AmEx users via fake “Fraud Alert: Irregular Card Activity” emails impersonating AmEx fraud department.


Big Data and Intelligence Driven Security

October 29

As we produce, consume an increasing amount of digital data, even casual user is becoming aware that the way we store and access this data will continue to shift and expand.


Photoshop Source Code Stolen, 38M Users Affected in Adobe Hack

October 29

The damage is larger than initially thought regarding the attack against Adobe’s networks earlier this month.


Counterfeit Money Detector Easily Hacked to Accept Fake Money

October 30

Simple electronic devices can be easily hacked, because security is at bottom of things to care about when creating them.


Network World

Five Styles of Advanced Threat Defense can Protect Enterprise from Targeted Attacks

October 31

To stop stealthy malware-based attacks, Gartner says use network traffic and payload analysis, forensics.


Threat Post

LinkedIn Defends Intro Security as Researcher Goes Phishing

October 28

LinkedIn new Intro app for iOS provides high-level transparency into how it handles communication between devices and its network.


We Live Security

Major Road Artery in Israel was Paralyzed by Cyberattack

October 28

Attackers used Trojan program to target security camera system in Carmel Tunnels toll road, shutting down road for hours, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.


Artificial Intelligence Firm Claims to Have Cracked CAPTCHAS

October 28

Company claims to have cracked CAPTCHAs, standard word tests used to tell humans and computers apart online.


President Obama’s Twitter and Facebook Accounts Hijacked by Hacktivist Group

October 29

President Twitter, Facebook accounts compromised this week, two Tweets and one post altered to send links to video montages of terrorist attacks.


Big Companies Still Fall for Social Engineering by Phone

October 31

Major companies are still handing out information to hackers using the most basic tool of all – the human voice.


Security and Crisis Management


Four French Hostages are Freed

October 29

French hostages kidnapped by al Qaeda’s North African arm three years ago in Niger have been released.



Bomb Found at Stormont Castle in Belfast

October 29

Letter bomb addressed to Northern Ireland Secretary of State has been made safe by the Army at Stormont Castle in E. Belfast.



Suicide Bombers Kill 11 military, Police in Iraq Dinner Attack-Police

October 30

Suicide bombers kill 11 military and police officers, wounded 19 by bl

owing themselves up outside a Sunni militia leader’s house in northern Baghdad as he was hosting dinner.


New York Times

Venezuela Seeks to Tame Wild West Motorcycle Chaos

October 31

Choking traffic, causing pileups and even ambushing drivers, Venezuela’s hordes of motorcyclists are increasingly high-profile problem for the new government.