Security in the News – Week of October 7

Information Security


The Practicality of the Cyber Kill Chain Approach to Security

October 7

Cyber Kill Chain approach, and whether it might be a good fit for your organization.


Chinese Hackers Miss Google Network, But Checks Go On

October 7

Google exec says US government networks are in danger because no one is there during the shutdown to stop hackers.


New NIST Cybersecurity Standards Could Pose Liability Risks


Once passed, standard will become benchmark to measure critical infrastructure security programs.



Maker of Black Hole Exploit Kit Arrested in Russia

October 8

Researchers claim person behind one of the greatest scourges of Internet had been arrest, details remain vague with no official word from authorities in Russia.


Krebs on Security

Bulletproof Hoster Santrex Calls It Quits

October 9

Web hosting provider courted cybercrime forums and created haven for nest of malicious sites, is shutting its doors citing internal network issues and recent downtime.


Network World

The Autonomous Hackable Car

October 9

It is time to start thinking of your car as another mobile device.


Toll of Enterprise Cybercrime: $11.8 Million Per Year; 122 Attacks Per Week

October 8

Ponemon Institute survived 60 large companies and found the toll of cybercrime is growing.


SC Magazine

Gameover Trojan Hides Activity in Encrypted SSL Connections to Defraud Victims

October 7

Saboteurs spreading the Gameover banking trojan are hosting Zeus variant on number of infected sites and using encrypted SSL connection to remain undetected.


Alleged Anonymous Members Indicted Led Unassuming Lives

October 9

Dozen men belonging to Anonymous and indicted on charges of launching DDoS against major sites are proving hacker stereotypes are the farthest thing from truth.


Nearly 50k Patient Credit Cards Compromised by Insider

October 9

46K patients of Scottsdale Dermatology may have had personal information compromised, one suspect an employee of the medical practice’s billing firm.


Facebook Phishing Attack Preys on Users Desiring to Know Profile Viewers

October 10

Want to know who is visiting your Facebook page?


Security Affairs

2013 Norton Report, the Impact of Cybercrime According Symantec

October 9

Annual research study which examines the consumers’ online behaviors, the dangers and financial cost of cybercrime.



Enterprises are Failing to Mitigate Insider Threats

October 8

Report on mitigation efforts within enterprise reveals majority of organizations are failing to take necessary steps to counter potential losses due to insider threats.


USA Today

Google Chrome’s Cache Exposes Personal Data

October 10

Major security flaw in Google’s popular Chrome browser was exposed by data management firm Identity Finder.


We Live Security

Banks to Face Biggest Cyber War Game Ever in UK

October 8

Cyber war game will test Britain’s financial system to its limits in a virtual attack to test defenses of banks, markets and payments systems against a simulated attacks.


EU Cyber Agency Warns of Outdated Systems in Power Plants

October 9

Cyber-attacks against Industrial Control Systems pose risk to power plants and other critical infrastructure, and action is needed to ensure nations stay safe.


Security and Crisis Management

Al Arabiya

Car Bomb Set off Near Swedish Consulate in Li

bya’s Benghazi

October 11

Car bomb explodes outside Swedish consulate in Benghazi, damaging front of building and nearby houses.



France Says its Forces Kill 10 Islamist Militants in Mali

October 10

French Special Forces killed 10 militants in northern Mali this month, as simmering violence threatens security at November elections and will delay French troop withdrawal.